You were born to be Real, Not Perfect.

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I’m writing this post thinking, how dare the author of this blog sneak in here in a tiptoe gait after partaking in steadfast disappearing acts. The nerve. One of the ardent readers recently raised a concern over the shriveled number of times I pen down. Some mention the inconsistency subtly while some choose to use brute force by giving all indications that I have found peace in laziness. They get dramatic like the modern men who receive nothing but blue-ticks after sending paragraphs to light-skins using the modern ways of communication. They wait for replies for days and eventually wish they sent smoke signals instead to excuse the late replies or the no replies. Those with insatiable appetite for literature always find a way to admonish my shrunken supply of words on doubleonews. Then they shamelessly ask me to write a book. Am struggling with writing a single post a month yet a literary enthusiast out there would fancy my laziness escalating a notch higher. They wouldn’t mind waiting. Heck they are willing to wait till thy kingdom come. Kindly don’t overreact if I write late or reply to your texts after days because we are adults and life sometimes can get busy. Like they say, life gets real at times. And it’s okay to pay homage to other courtesy calls of life.

Most of us if not all, have been exposed to fake. Plastic smiles, sham elections, fraudulent love stories and not forgetting the omnipresent weaves in our midst. Just appreciate hair and as a matter of clarity, I have no problem with weaves. Problem is women go through undue duress buying and hyping Brazilian hair yet men are clueless about goat hair, poodle hair, or if baby hair on grown ass womem increases their chances of getting laid. I recently stared at friend in awe noticing her eyebrows which were so perfect. She must have taken the whole night to spruce them up. I know my mother cooks kickass chapos but I must reiterate that her eyebrows were perfect than your relationship. It is also groovy to note that most people are concerned about the growth of their hair than the brain underneath it. That said you can send my sincere regards to Waititu, Moses Kuria and Obado. Social media has become the hub that houses counterfeit lives which eventually create an illusion that a perfect life is the bare minimum aspect of survival. People turn on the TV while switching between facebook, the gram and snapchat only to be met with faultless lives seeking validation. Slay queens are busy on snapchat adding flowers on their heads, while paying tribute to their dead brains. Spotless surreal lives that are far from the true depiction of what life really is. Life is an endless struggle, when its stops, then you are finished.

Statistically most women are struggling with their looks. Their self-esteem is pegged on the looks they brandish out there. Light-skin syndrome is perceived to be the most acceptable skin color with astounding knee-jerk reaction that pumps men’s appetite for sex way beyond cloud nine. And you know women too love coitus. We get it, its nature. Wearing make-up qualifies as a deliberate attempt to appreciate the adventurous process that facilitates mating amongst the civilized fauna. I will tell you though, you don’t need a light skin, all you need is a right skin. Kendrick said, Who need a hero.. You need a hero ..Look in the mirror… there goes your hero. If you are not confident about your looks just remember you look like your ancestors and they still got laid regardless. Even Adolf Hitler had a wife. Eugene Wamalwa has a woman who looks at him and goes gaga. Moses Kuria goes home and is allowed to slide into his wife’s feminine fun city. Moses Wetangula was clobbered buy a female who has felt the wrath of his genitals which means he has a wife who is emotional and passionate in equal measure. Jay-z kisses Beyonce all the time and she has never complained that his lips are too heavy for her. You can’t possibly be less desirable than the above mentioned people. In fact, the hardest test a man goes through is to convince a woman that he’s not like other guys. You will get a wife, or a husband and you will get laid. Patience.

Modern lovers are looking for the perfect relationships in the quest for a perfect match which remain a façade since this same generation has mastered the art of letting people go while failing in letting their pride go. We would rather lose people over our pride. We want a finished product of a fully compatible package as a partner while giving ourselves the liberty of being the ultimate prize. Nobody hates a broke guy like a girl who is uncertain of her future. She’s absolutely blind to the fact that she’s also impoverished. As Mcnutt said, sometimes it’s not people we need to let go of, because it’s not them; it’s us. Sometimes we have behaviors or mindsets that we have to let go of in order for the ones we love to stay around us. You can have a baby, then graduate, then get married, in whichever order you deem fit. What’s wrong with messaging first or liking their selfies and commenting on their posts? What’s wrong with replying to a text immediately or calling to tell them you miss them. What’s wrong with showing you care? Take down your pride (am speaking to women) a notch and be genuine with your feelings. Until men and women start having honest conversations about who they truly are, what demons they battle with, where they lack and what they truly want, love will continue to be a temporary emotion. Honesty and communication are key. Honesty saves both of you time. Love is always love, you can’t fake it. lf you believe in something, pursue it, don’t be afraid to defend it alone, you will find it easier to sit with critics than regrets. And regrets pile around us, like books we never read.

The backlash on Kobi Kihara was a manifestation of how surplus supply of bundles and over-reliance on social media for life lessons obscures reality. Social media approval and validation seem to be the much needed certificate that makes folks feel adequately qualified for life. Because with the eminent internet of things, peeps are hooked to their screens more than the Kenyan government is hooked to borrowing billions and Wiz Khalifa to Cannabis. The appetite for perfect lives has got people bragging with food. Every time they buy expensive food they have to post it. We must stop thinking like the world is some perfect habitat. Life is different for all, unique for some. Some people are so poor all they have is money. Some are born with it all like Dj Khaled’s son Asahd who is already a CEO yet the ninja cannot say titties or boobies just yet. Some people will struggle more than others and that’s life. And that’s okay because a balance has to be experienced in a perfect world with imperfect resourcing to keep everyone perched on the high table. Some people wake up to handle 3 jobs a day to sustain their lives and that of their dependents. Some people have nothing to show but blood toil and tears. Life is far from perfect, but your hair can be.

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  1. jovialwangu says:

    The Hitler, Wamalwa, Kuria, Wetangula and Jay Z part. True, right skin is key.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Marcel says:

      You are a beautiful Jovial Wangu with the right skin. Your time to read is immensely appreciated.


  2. sylviemwas says:

    I love this…So what youths need, so what I need…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Marcel says:

      Your time with us is highly appreciated. Glad to serve you. Thank you.


  3. kelvin Murage says:

    Perfectly paced, entirely unpredictable, edge-of-seat exciting and a total joy from start to finish.In a nutshell, Marcel Double O went balls out! Literally and figuratively

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Marcel says:

      Does the Lord send you Subliminal messages that you need to gets saved. Because i need you to see heaven…Not balls, however much you want to be a player. Your perusal is appreciated Kelvin.


  4. Diana Kaara says:

    Damn! You have cracked me up.Blunt truth and hilarious at the same time.
    Thank you for the reminder that I am my own hero.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Marcel says:

      Diana… I hope i get you glued in this writing space just to help with the cracks i just induced in you. Thanks for Reading.


  5. lolyneongeri says:

    You just had to mention the weaves, didn’t yah? I always look forward to your writings. Other than crack me up, they always have a good message to take home. Weaves or eyebrows, the question is why you do what you do. Could be The Brazilian hair is the closest I will ever get to Brazil..heheh. Loved it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Marcel says:

      Lets hope the sale of weaves will sky rocket after such sensitizations. Salons will be in for a kill. And keep us updated on how Brazil feels on your head. Do you still need a passport? Thanks for passing by Lolyne.

      Liked by 1 person

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