The World Owes you Nothing, It was here First

The little joys keep them.

In 1800’s boys used to go to war, nowadays men in their 20’s get hurt by blue ticks.  These men are having a robust hormonal metamorphosis that make them sulk like a baby who has just been denied titties that are so full of life and colostrum. Men who audaciously call themselves Jaguar but they will brood sulkiness when denied a Jubilee Nomination ticket.  Men who will cry you a river because they just found out their girlfriend had been smashing a whole lot of bloody cucumbers on sale by wealthy geezers.

Babies are made in quite an obvious adventure. The union can be deliberately thrilled to bring forth a generation or the baby might be made under unplanned circumstances. Notwithstanding, this life has to be accounted for and nurtured.  A child is born, but that does not guarantee loving parents, the sun and the moon.  Single mothers are flooding the parenting space. Some are okay being single mothers under consequential circumstances like being widowed or choosing not to entertain deadbeat dads.  Others are single mothers who want the world pay them homage for playing the role of a father and a mother concurrently. This breed of Single mothers will have a long list, the length of the Kenyan standard gauge railway, showing the endless sacrifices they have made while raising their children alone. This could be in a bid to quantify the strength of a woman but then one might wonder why you would want the world to offer you compassion for “sacrificing” for your own child.  The human race deciding to uplift the child is quite a charitable course that is plausible in such a cruel world. Sitting pretty and waiting for the world to offer you tons of sympathy and apathy on the side for being a single mother is outrageous. You owe a life to the child you brought into this world but the world owes you NOTHING!

A friend who happens to be a fervent feminist spoke on feminism (here) in an elaborate manner that came out unbiased and objective. However the kind of feminism being propagated in most media outlets and outcries seems to be misplaced. Feminism is no longer a fight for equal opportunities, it has become more of a hysterical squabble for special victim status. Why would a human species consider themselves inferior by default thereby deserving to be handed opportunities just to bring a balance of nature. Life is one convoluted identity crisis after another. You are doomed if you think you need empowerment from someone with the same physical and spiritual anatomy as you. Needless to mention, everyone could do with some help but all you need is to apply yourself and position your aspirations in a formidable rendition that catapults you to that playing field. There is no free lunch and sure life is not always a morning glory enthralled with breakfast in bed. The world does not owe you a living, you found it here.

We are living in a time when it takes all sorts to make a world. Some people a have quite enough faith to believe Angels are real and they watch over us at night when we talking in our sleep. For some baptism by fire has hardened their skin to accommodate whatever the world throws at them. There exists a chunk of people with compassion and not to rule out ruthless people who are always on standby to cause mayhem. There are people out here ready to impact lives in an uplifting trajectory but then you cannot miss assholes as well. An asshole has only one goal in life, to get what they want no matter what it does to another. The damage regardless.  The world is not so full of angels, the world doesn’t owe anyone a bouquet of flowers and a smooth rollercoaster into an everlasting sauna experience. You found the world revolving so do what the clock does, keep moving. The world didn’t owe Johnny Walker, so you can bet the world doesn’t owe you a tad.


Are you feeling abandoned, neglected, and you want your friends and family to have you at heart and constantly stay in touch? Well, borrow money from them and travel on the SGR while the rails are still virgin. They will incessantly call you to know if you have squandered all the money and if you need more to buy an island at the coast. Nowadays, souls are getting hurt by trivialities like blue ticks, last seen and missed calls. At this time and age, I don’t understand why anyone would be asking for explanations for missed calls. People need to learn how to lower their self-importance. You have to wrap your head around the fact that your phone calls can be ignored! Just like in some nuptials, to protect that marriage, you either bathe with your wife or your phone. Your man cannot be up to mischief all the time. Sometimes all men do is play video games, respect women, crack open a cold one with the boys and be faithful. Your man does owe you a trip to the moon and back and your lady does not owe you a holy apocalyptic romp every time you need to roll in hay. No reply is also a message, accept move on.  You asked to hang out to with your “friend” last week but they did not reply. Seven days later they claim not to have seen your text. Unless this person sometimes goes blind, they could be telling you they can’t be available for everyone all the time. There is always a silver lining and the good news is they care enough not to appear rude.  The world in its silence is telling you stop watering a dead flower. The world is telling you in a modest way that it doesn’t owe you shit.

Social media is the avenue to solicit approval nowadays. People will post moments of their lives just to seek approval from their Facebook friends. If the picture does not gunner enough likes it is pulled down like campaign posters. Like some ill-fitting lingerie. They feel like the world should dish out enough likes to keep that photo alive. On the flipside people who hardly post on social media think they have a PhD in maturity. People who ask everyone to calm down because it’s their birthday are the same stooges who cannot actually keep calm. Souls will see their birthdays fast approaching and they be as restless as a brooding duck. Their expectations hits the roof like Kenya’s inflation in 2017. They want you to owe them an arm and a leg on their birthday. Truth is, if you were born today it doesn’t have to be a holiday but sure we can do with a mind boggling jamboree to celebrate you. If I don’t send you a happy birthday on Facebook or mount your picture as my profile picture or call you, that means I probably got busy with my tongues serving the Almighty ooh thee Servant of the Lord. Make your own happiness, the little joy, keep them. The world doesn’t owe you two shits.

But then again, ladies who call a guy back after his airtime gets exhausted will go to heaven first. Dont worry about the world coming to an end,   it’s s already tomorrow in Australia and the world doesn’t owe you a long lecture on equality and fair distribution of resources! 

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  1. wit upon wit yooo.
    “But then again, ladies who call a guy back after his airtime gets exhausted will go to heaven first. Dont worry about the world coming to an end, ”
    Always be affirmative in the action of choosing you.
    lovely read

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its Marcel says:

      Your passing by is immensely appreciated. Keep reading just so you can get that justified ecstasy

      Liked by 1 person

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