LADIES start WORKING to be QUEENS instead of TWERKING to be SEEN


Some of these wenches will brand themselves the BOSS Lady… You might even be inclined to think they run a Multi-million syndicate validating them as a CEO only to later realise that they are actually (Chief Entrepreneurs-in Orgies). Furthermore they get bank cheques from it so why would it bother you that they are having cash flow (you must be  broke if not broken! )

My old Man who happens to be my Progenitor argues that BOSS should only be used as an acronym that substantiates  (Built On Self Success). Unless you convince me otherwise the old fogey couldn’t be any wiser… I vehemently agree! So the next time you want to affiliate yourself to the bourgeoisie,  make sure you can buy yourself that lingerie  you work so hard to let loose after he buys you booze and offers  to vamoose  with you for a gateway in The  Bahamas. (Girl better have your money ).

The current state of affairs is actually threatening to wipe off the sane society and instead ushering in raccoons who will consider themselves supernatural after filtering their natural looks with ochre from hell…( Overdressed in too much makeup you’d want to throw up). So you sit back and get lost in your thoughts trying to wonder what’s so super about being unnatural… then you remember that  bombastic  word you read earlier…Mediocre!  As if that is not nauseating enough, they will flaunt their bum in suffocating garments in a deliberate attempt to make men drool… for sure they will ogle amorously before they realize that indeed those are just but tooshies which are otherwise stinkpots that end up on a toilet seat and use up a whooping roll of tissue paper!
Of course how u use your hindquarters is none of my business …furthermore all and sundry possess one. Only that not everyone works their asses off (pun intended) to castigate those who can’t vanquish a boner.  The thicker the derriere the more the number of rubbernecks you’ll trophy! So they let it go to their head… and oooh boy, you’ll be craving to be given head pronto!
This butt issue seems an over-dwell but not really….these same fundament are the very reason we have lazy arses who can’t go to work but would rather twerk! It’s even worse when you sweat yourself off trying to promulgate an ass-quake and you don’t get paid for it! (Call me an Entrepreneur if you want but I didn’t say that’s a business opportunity). You want to be queen from flapping your protruding posterior? Flappy bird please….you only merit to be a trap queen! Save for the fact that you are already strapped!

This old folk my progenitor tells me in their time music was climaxed in a well-orchestrated orchestra…he added… “Trust me you’d want extra”. What he actually sees in this generation of robots invading the earth perturbs the old fellow, he’d want to leave the planet. Just when the ozone is filled with a rhythmic resonance and you want to dance to the tune with a pulsating salsa…hell breaks loose and the devil doesn’t even come out, only for it to be represented by a maniac lass who bends over and shakes her bum so vigorously against your pubic plateau you’d swear to have excruciating sores after the ordeal!
Twerking has become the raw deal in the dance arena and you’d be judged harshly if you can’t shake what your mamma gave you! Forgive me but ad rather you shake your yogurt as you do some yoga! Yes life is all about US (ASS), I agree! but don’t be a pain in the ass either…Trying to be yourself and consequently aping the trivial lifestyles that will render you a piece of joke!(Dear socialites wannabe). And the next time you want to blame the social media for propagating nudity and posting sensitive pictures of a ratchet girl Mary Jane (not her real names but sponsored by her love for nature since she’d rather smoke cannabis and keep it in her pants.. literally) who happens to be famous for being the queen of orgies and debauchery…just make sure your purity is undeniable…You better be holier than thou if not god “Wanyonyi”. Neither am i praising the nincompoop stooge (cop?) who took photos of her private parts! For Pete’s sake! it should have been a classified undertaking if indeed they needed a clean sweep to nail these untamed  teenagers! By all means they had already crucified them enough!
Society is a mirror, let’s walk the talk and stop throwing tantrums just because we sin differently! If we show these Girls that we can thrive from sheer hard work and not from being socialites then nobody will be worried about nude pictures being served to their naked eyes. Avoid being rude and don’t be nude either!
Now get back to work… we have new Bosses to put on that throne! Don’t just be a drone!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Arita says:

    But if they got the ASSets why not use ’em to make money?!


    1. itsmarcel says:

      Arita.. If only those assets were not perishable they’d make a lot of Money.!


  2. Arita says:

    atleast they’ll make alot of it as long as they are there…


    1. itsmarcel says:

      Arita lemme presume you are trying to be a feminist


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