When it finally dawned on you that you were to join campus, there were mixed feelings of anticipation and anxiety which when put together would turn out to be a concoction that once ingested, would validate your dreams, however unrealistic they seemed! (If a grown ass lawyer from the Rift can actually be as determined as he’s confused to remain celibate with the conviction that he’d one day walk down the aisle with MALIA OBAMA, then all of your dreams are officially Valid my friends!). But wait… don’t you think this lawyer ogles more “soap operas” than he actually rubbernecks between “scandal” and “Suits” which are accustomed to replenishing and refurbishing incompetent barristers’ scope of tact in lawsuits? Well, I couldn’t agree more… and your girlfriend should have already cried out loud with the rhythmic words… “Who does that?” If you ask me, if I wanted to lose a case as a plaintiff I’d want this guy as my lawyer!

Waking up from that slumber lets move on to the reality that embraces these college-going elites! Education, apparently is deemed to be the key! Yes it’s the key that opens you up to the intricacies of the social set up and above all it will keep you in the loop just in-case you thought babies grow like groceries! Gone are the days when you would tell your 7 year old son that babies are delivered to our doorsteps by God in baby strollers! Trust me the only delivery that whirls in their mind like wind is that ‘Pizza delivery’. They also know that it takes the concerted effort of two virile parents to actually come up with another being like them! Copulation has become such a rampant act, hiding it from the eyes of the innocent is like trying to cover your face while naked assuming the on-lookers will not see your nudity!

Which brings me to the reason why a guy with fully functional brain cells would indefatigably chase the wind with the hope of blowing himself into oblivion if not blowing away the fairer sex. Mr. Mission abort! You are never catching that wind. Damsels love being chased, the feeling of them being the Buggati and you being a self-proclaimed ‘vin Diesel’ in a fast and furious pursuit makes them step onto that gas to a full-blown turbo speed you’d even doubt the sky is the limit! Then you realize you are only but “vin kerosene”! Even in such elusive situations the male species will never throw in the towel! They want to prove that indeed their virility can never be undermined. They will want the living generation to know that his genetics comprise of hybrid vigor and not even nature can disapprove their ability to conquer hearts however unyielding ladies might turn out to be! You will find them using utterances that might render them ridiculous in the presence of the opposite gender only for you to later notice that these guys are actually drunk in love to a point of self-denial from the intellect they possess. Yes that lust you call love made you blind my brother! Your situation is worse than a guy who gluttons impoverished local brew and loses his sight. For you you’ve lost both your sight and insight!

Men, don’t get me wrong … am a man too… but if you can’t have the courtesy to draw the line in some of these rhetoric’s you are subjected to, then you should as well start spending the whole day in the mirror applying makeup and filtering your face because honestly your priorities are misplaced. I know the campus life setup is to blame but you don’t have to be the reincarnation of every Tom Dick and Harry… not even if your name falls among those!

In as much as I would want to throw stones the experience is always as gratifying as it’s obstinate so this can be a level playing field for starters. The chase starts all the way back from the A levels traversing to the O levels! That’s enough time out in the wild hunting for a soul-mate for a serious Homo sapiens sapiens. If you are still chasing them in while in campus I might presume you ventured into the game of canoodling quite untimely or your drive for fresh groceries is quite untamable and you don’t mind eating the forbidden fruit at the slightest beckon of the fruit vendor! (Yes the fruit in the middle tree Is sweet I hear… no wonder these boys will stop at nothing until they bite it. mmmmmh CRUNCHY!) Campus is an embodiment of adults being furnished with skills in preparedness for the corporate world. You would expect this lot to exhibit a sense of maturity in handling situations even as trivial as love triangles. The situation is still a menace and girls will incessantly call boys “dogs” after a heartbreak forgetting that all Dogs will go to heaven! And God Said all these girls are ours… or did I read that wrong?

The excuse for a lady playing hard to get will always be the sense of insurance they are trying to adopt in readiness for an anticipated breakup that might never even happen in the first place if cohesion is too strong. Ladies you can’t be choosy in finding a companion and end up choosing the wrong one! You’ll wish you chose me. The heart wants what it wants, do not hold back just because you want to discover you have an ego. For Pete’s sake! Everyone does. Ladies don’t create a vicious circle, remain real and you will get constant supply of that candy! Men… working tirelessly to get a taste of what is in that cookie jar is not a problem, just don’t end up exhausting your pickup lines to a point you find yourself unredeemable in your quest to woe another lady!

Impartiality may not be my drug for today because I vehemently refuse to chase what I can attract, and so should you my fellow dudes! These chicken have come home to roost and the earlier you stop making your life revolve around derrieres and brassieres the more money you’ll make, that’s if whoever said time is money was speaking quite literally. Somebody once said mix women with business and you’ll see dust… I don’t have a business but I have already seen sand dunes with these fairer assorted gender! But still … how they operate, is none of my business!


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  1. Wangu says:

    That article is intetesting.

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    1. itsmarcel says:

      Thanks for reading Wangu… Read more on and maybe subscribe..


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